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Ephesians 5:16 “redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”


The Greek word for “redeem” here is exagorazo. This means to buy back or to ransom, or to buy back from the possession of someone. You see, the enemy wants to rob you of your time. He wants you to miss out and cause you to miss your calling in life. Whatever disappointment, hurt, or failure you have experienced in life, Jesus has given you the opportunity, because of His blood, to reach back in time, and take back what the enemy has tried to take from you. Because Jesus is above time, we have that opportunity to take back what time the enemy has tried to take from us. When we live in His reality, we can walk in victory and take back lost time the enemy has tried to take from us. When we live a life defeated by the enemy, we don’t live in the reality of Christ and His victory over sin. We live in the reality of only what our flesh can accomplish and usually that is a reality influenced by the enemy and his demonic forces. When we don’t live a life according to the power of the cross, we don’t walk in the victory that has been purchased for us. We settle for a life of defeat. Jesus chose to pay a high price to die on the cross. He got the keys to death, sin, hell, and the grave so we can live victoriously. When you apply the blood of Jesus to your life and situation, you can see lost time restored to you. God will recompense what you have lost when you apply the blood of Jesus to your life, and choose to repent of the sin, renounce the lie(s), and forgive. It is only when we walk in the realm of faith in Jesus and His power over sins that we can walk according to the reality that His finished work of the cross is all that is needed for us to walk in freedom, peace, joy, and victory. When we live our lives completely founded upon His love for us, then we walk in victory and freedom. There is nothing we need to do to earn His love or favor. Daily Jesus is wanting us to by faith, step into the reality that Christ has purchased the way not only for us to have salvation when we die, but also for each of us to live a victorious life, centered in the abundant life and unfathomable love of our Heavenly Father. The key is to have faith in Jesus and His Word. Sometimes all we can do is to stand and have faith in His Word and promises and that he will bring His promises to pass in our lives. This is why 2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we walk by faith and not by sight.” You and I must be so absolutely convinced of the promises and faithfulness of God that nothing will deter us in our belief and assurance that God is going to be faithful to His Word and bring it to pass. What is keeping you from Absolutely being assured that God will bring His Word to fulfillment in your life? What is holding you back? We are free from the penalty of sin, but this does not give us a license to sin. The life of faith you live can enable you to take back what Satan has tried to take from you! What sins are you holding unto that is causing you to doubt His Word to you will come to pass?

  • Bring these to death on the cross and repent in the name of Jesus! What lies are you believing that are contrary to the Word of God and are causing you to live a defeated life?

  • Repent of believing in these lies and in Jesus’ name come out of agreement with them, renouncing them!

  • Ask God to show you anyone you may be holding unforgiveness towards and choose to forgive in Jesus’ name!

There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain! Repent, Renounce, forgive, and walk in freedom and newness of life starting today! Repent of all broken patterns, and forgive (specifically) each person from the past you have held unto resentment and/or bitterness towards in your life. First you’ve gotta know Jesus! Do you know Him as your Lord and Savior? Do you live for Him? Have you surrendered your life to Him? Today is a good day to do that, if you have not done so yet. Believe in Jesus, pray and surrender your life to Him, and repent for the wrong way you have been living.

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